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Marvel’s Avengers Game Guide

Welcome to Marvel’s Avengers! This brief version of the guide will help you understand the basics of the game. We also have guides that provide a deep dive into these topics and more, which you can find links to in the relevant sections (and also on the News section of the website). This project is in collaboration with our wonderful community members from Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.


What are the Campaigns, and how do I play them?

Marvel’s Avengers contains several campaigns that take you through our original Avengers story, beginning with the Reassemble Campaign. You don’t need to have completed the Reassemble Campaign to begin the subsequent Operations or the War for Wakanda expansion, but we highly suggest you do as these stories take place after and build upon the events in the Reassemble Campaign.

The Reassemble Campaign is single-player for the most part, and the Operations can be played single-player or up to four-person co-op.

At the home screen (the 'Play' page at the top of the screen), find the tab at the bottom left named 'Operations'. From here, you can select your desired campaign. You can start Operations via the Avengers Initiative as well. You can replay any of these Campaigns and Operations at any time by going to the War Table and going to the Operation Selector. Proceed to reset your progress and experience these stories all over again with your current gear, Hero levels, cosmetics, and Skills.

For a detailed look into all things Campaigns and Operations, you can head over to our Beginner’s Guide HERE.


The Reassemble Campaign is the beginning of the Marvel’s Avengers storyline.

After the A-Day disaster that killed thousands and created a population of Inhumans, the mighty Avengers disbanded. In the vacuum they left behind, the mega-corporation AIM stepped in as the savior who would protect the world with technology, not superpowers. They pledged to 'help' Inhumans, keep the peace through surveillance, and made any support of the Avengers taboo. But there remain some people who resist AIM’s technocratic rule and defy their dogma—people who still believe in the Avengers. People like Kamala Khan, devoted fangirl, fanfiction writer, and secret Inhuman. Follow her in her journey across the world to reunite the Avengers, take on AIM, and become the Hero she always was.

From the Main Menu, select the 'Campaign' tab at the bottom left and choose your desired difficulty. The Reassemble Campaign will then begin!

Taking AIM

Taking AIM introduces us to our first post-launch playable Hero, Kate Bishop, a master archer, skilled gymnast, and expert of sarcasm and snark. Kate teams up with her mentor Clint Barton to investigate Nick Fury's mysterious disappearance. However, while investigating AIM’s plans and tracking down time-warping Tachyon Rifts, Clint also goes missing. Adrift, alone, and with more questions than answers, Kate decides to work with the reassembled Avengers once again to thwart AIM, find Clint, and become an Avenger in her own right.

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect introduces Hawkeye as a playable Hero! Better known as Hawkeye, Clint is a master archer, swordsman, and loving dog dad. Though he struggles with feeling like a true part of the Avengers team, he is the key to unraveling AIM's secret Tachyon Project. Through him, you’ll get acquainted with the Wasteland biome. It is Earth many years in the future, an unrecognizable arid desert home only to the dust and silence of a lifeless world.

War for Wakanda

A lush jungle disguises the advanced nation of Wakanda, unconquered and unknown to the world for millennia. King T'Challa is the Black Panther, devoted protector and current ruler of Wakanda. T'Challa finds it difficult to entrust this duty to anyone else—even his sister Shuri—for fear of their loyalty and lives. He is determined to stop Klaue’s invasion himself, putting his life on the line to protect his beloved home. As his people are harmed, his buildings destroyed, and his nation's own technology turned against him, he must decide: can he trust Shuri, the Avengers, and Wakanda itself? Or will he continue to wage this war alone?

War for Wakanda is our biggest content drop to date and brings with it a brand new Wakandan jungle biome, many Wakandan outposts outfitted with the nation’s technology and architecture, new missions and puzzles, fan favorite characters, new enemies and villains, and, of course, the Black Panther himself as a playable Hero!

Avengers Initiative

What is the Avengers Initiative, and how do I play it?

The Avengers Initiative is the Multiplayer online co-op portion of Marvel’s Avengers. This is where you’ll farm Gear and take on escalating threats all over the world.

At the home screen (the 'Play' page at the top of the screen), find the tab at the bottom center named 'Avengers Initiative'.

For a detailed look into all things Avengers Initiative, you can head over to our Beginner’s Guide HERE.

Reigning Supreme

As you may have seen in the ending to the Reassemble Campaign, Monica Rappaccini is now the head of AIM and retains her hunger for technological – and biological - advancement. It’s up to the Avengers to find out what she has planned and to stop it at all costs.

The Reigning Supreme Mission Chain is where you’ll begin your multiplayer journey post-Reassemble Campaign. It can be viewed in the Objectives menu and requires you to complete nine different missions, each with their own set of objectives. Each of these nine steps introduces you to a different type of mission and activity you can partake in that will grant you all the rewards you need along with continuing each Hero’s individual narratives.


  • Appropriate Gear
    • Exotic Gear in Last Avenger Standing
  • Upgrade Modules
  • Iconic Outfits
  • Norn Stone of Alliance Epic Artifact that can grant a Willpower (Health) Boost upon activation.
  • Completing the entire chain will grant you the Darkhold Exotic Artifact, which can unleash an explosion of dark energy.
  • SHIELD and Inhuman Alliance Faction XP

Challenge Card

Each Hero has a Challenge Card located in the center of the Character Menu UI. Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges will grant you Challenge Points, which will unlock various rewards as you go. These Challenges are often easy to complete, but if you don’t like a certain one, you can always refresh one of them. There are also some creative ways to complete these challenges like Dismantling a Minor Artifact in order to get Uru rather than looking for it.

All six of the core Heroes have free Challenge Cards. Any post-launch Heroes such as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther have free paths, but also paid paths that you can get for 1000 Credits. The best part is that you can earn Credits from completing the core Heroes’ Challenge Cards!


Each Hero’s Challenge Card contains different rewards such as Outfits, Emotes, Resources, Units, and Credits.


Basics and Rarity

Every Hero starts with their own unique diverse set of abilities, and Gear is essential to bringing out the full extent of their power. Gear is a large part of what constitutes a Hero’s combat prowess and is vital in building your Hero to play according to your personal style.

There are 7 slots for gear: Melee, Ranged, Defense, Heroic, Minor Artifact #1, Minor Artifact #2, and Major Artifact. Each of these types of gear contains various stats, Perks, a Power Level, rarity, and upgrade potential.

For a detailed look into all things Gear, you can head over to our Beginner’s Guide HERE.


All gear has a rarity to it denoted by the color of the tooltip:

  • Common (Gray)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)
  • Exotic (Red)

Overall, rarity affects stats and the amount of Perks each gear piece receives. There are also Named sets, which you can hunt for and have more expected stats versus random pieces. Let’s go over more specific intricacies of gear below.


  • MIGHT: Increasing this stat will increase your effectiveness with Melee Attacks, which includes all Light and Heavy Attacks, except those of Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop. If you want more melee damage, you can just stack as much Might as you like and it'll keep adding up.
  • PRECISION: Increasing this stat improves the damage output of your ranged attacks, making you more dangerous from a distance when using aimed Ranged Attacks or even some Heavy Attacks from Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop.
  • PROFICIENCY: Critical Chance & Perk Chance. Critical attacks can double your damage, and Perk Chance is how often your Gear Perks will activate.
  • VALOR: Heroic Effectiveness and Critical Damage. Heroic Effectiveness governs your Special Abilities or Heroics. Since this stat increases both your Heroics and the critical damage, this stat is a general priority if you're focusing on a high damage build. As with Proficiency, Valor scales Melee, Ranged, and the Heroic rating, but only directly affects the base damage of Heroics.
  • RESOLVE: Max Willpower and Willpower Recovery. If you missed it earlier, Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers is Health, so if you find yourself being a little squishier than you'd like, focusing on Resolve might help!
  • RESILIENCE: Defense. Resilience increases your Armor %, which in turn reduces the damage you take.
  • INTENSITY: Stun & Status Meter Damage %. This is how quickly can you fill the Stun meter that appears over an enemy’s head, which indicates when you can perform Takedowns on them or other Signature Attacks from specific Heroes. It also governs how quickly you can fill a Status meter to apply a Status effect on an enemy, which can have a variety of benefits depending on the Status you inflict, but also means you can trigger the Battery Effect even quicker. More on the Battery Effect below.

Thank you to @BobDuckNWeave for writing this section!


Perks are special effects on certain pieces of Gear that will drastically alter and improve how your Hero plays depending on what you equip. Always think about what kind of build you want to go for, whether that’s the most damage or something as fun as sending enemies flying around you. Perks found on gear can be found for all Heroes or are Hero-specific.

The list of Perks on each piece of gear can be viewed on its tooltip. The amount of Perks on a piece of gear varies. Common gear has no Perks, while Legendary gear has 3. To learn more about Perks, please visit our developer blog HERE.

Status Effects

  • Cosmic  
    • The Cosmic Status Effect focuses on empowering heroes. While active, the Cosmic Status Effect will heal the hero a small percentage each time they hit an enemy. Some Cosmic gear will also add Heroic and Intrinsic charge gain on top of healing.
  • Pym  
    • Pym Particles shrink enemies. When the Pym Particle Status Effect is triggered, enemies shrink, and their impact resistance and damage output are reduced.
  • Plasma  
    • Plasma ignites enemies in burning flames, doing continuous damage over time. While active, the Plasma Status Effect periodically triggers an area of effect (AOE) Plasma burst that damages the target and does Plasma damage to all enemies in range. If a Plasma afflicted enemy is defeated, this triggers a larger AOE Plasma burst that also Staggers and Breaks Block on enemies in range.
  • Vibranium  
    • Vibranium has the ability to store energy and release it in a concentrated burst. The Vibranium Status Effect will trigger an area of effect (AOE) burst when an enemy is defeated or when the Vibranium Status Effect wears off. The amount of damage done by the AOE builds up based on the amount of damage dealt to targets while the Status Effect was active.
  • Gamma  
    • Gamma radiation poisons enemies, dealing damage over time. While afflicted with the Gamma Status Effect, enemies take damage and can spread Gamma poisoning to nearby enemies as well.
    • If a Gamma afflicted enemy is defeated, this triggers a Gamma explosion that Staggers and poisons enemies in range.
  • Cryo  
    • Cryo freezes and slows enemies, making them vulnerable to attack. While the Cryo Status Effect is active, the target's movement and attacks are slowed. If a Cryo afflicted enemy is defeated, it triggers a Cryo explosion that also Staggers enemies nearby.
  • Shock  
    • The Shock Status Effect electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to attack. While active, this Status Effect increases the chance of Critical Hits and all attacks deal extra damage.
  • Sonic  
    • The Sonic Status Effect pulls energy from afflicted targets. The hero will gain Heroic and Intrinsic energy while standing near an enemy with an active Sonic Status Effect.

Resources and Currency

To learn more about Resources and Upgrading Gear, please visit our developer blog HERE.


  • Main resource to upgrade gear.
  • Buy gear at the vendor.
  • Acquired by dismantling, opening resource crates, enemies, mission completions, Challenge Cards, and strongboxes.

Upgrade Modules

  • Used to upgrade gear pieces that are Power Level 100+.
  • Acquired by missions, dismantling gear, Challenge Cards, and strongboxes.


  • Used to upgrade your Major Artifacts.
  • Acquired from various missions (OLT, Beating the Odds, Mega Hive) as well as the daily missions from the faction terminal.


  • Used to open DNA chests.
  • Acquired from Elite Villain Sectors, Flashback Villain Sectors and Villain Sectors.
  • Units
  • Can spend this at Chasity (the cosmetic vendor) in the Helicarrier.
  • Acquired from chests, the Challenge Card and Faction Rewards.


  • Used to purchase cosmetics from Chastity in the helicarrier or to open Shipments
  • Acquired from missions (more at Challenge IV), strongboxes, and the Challenge Card.


  • The currency you buy and earned in the Challenge Cards.
  • Used in the Marketplace.

Mission Types

Mission Types

There are many mission types in Marvel’s Avengers, each with their own layouts, objectives, enemies, and rewards. Remembering the specifics of each mission is important when completing Daily and Weekly Challenges or looking for specific gear or resource rewards.

For a detailed look into all the Mission Types, you can head over to our Beginner’s Guide HERE.


Black Panther

Black Panther is a fast and agile hero, quickly darting towards opponents with a flurry of claw slashes and kicks. His use of Wakanda tech is prevalent not only his defensive capabilities, but his ranged attacks and heroics as well. His link to the ancestral plain and the panther goddess Bast empowers him for his ultimate heroic.

  • Panther Cowl (Intrinsic Ability) - Black Panther's suit can absorb kinetic energy from enemy attacks, storing it to be unleashed in a variety of offensive actions. Panther's Parry redirects the energy from enemy attacks, blasting the attacker back with a powerful burst of kinetic energy. Once the intrinsic meter is full, Percussive Blast unleashes all the stored energy in a large kinetic burst and boosts melee damage for a short duration.
  • King’s Mercy (Assault Heroic) - Throw a Vibranium Spear at enemies capable of pinning targets. The spear will pierce through targets it is unable to pin. Potential upgrades include the ability to throw multiple spears at a time or generating an AoE (area of effect) attack.
  • Kimoyo Beads (Support Heroic) - Release a set of Kimoyo Beads that seek out enemy targets, dealing a large burst of stun damage and reducing the target’s impact resistance making them easier to interrupt. Potential upgrades include the ability to heal Heroes or absorbing damage.
  • Bast’s Chosen (Ultimate Heroic) - Summon the power of Bast and the ancestral plain to fortify the Panther Goddess’ champion. Reduces damage taken and increases damage dealt for a short period of time. Potential upgrades include summoning spectral warriors to assist in battle or reviving downed allies upon activation.

Black Widow

As a master spy and assassin, Black Widow can zip around the battlefield with ease using her grappling hook and Veil of Shadows. She also brings heavy artillery to take down enemies from afar using pistols and submachine guns. Black Widow turns more deadly if you can avoid taking damage with her, so make sure to watch out for enemy attacks.

  • Shadow Ops (Intrinsic Ability) - Attacking enemies without taking damage boosts the energy of an intrinsic Shadow Ops meter. Filling this meter triggers an Overcharge state, increasing all damage by 20%.
  • Widow’s Bite (Assault Heroic) - Fire an electrostatic dart that inflicts repeated bursts of Shock damage and immobilizes enemies near the impact point. Potential upgrades include the ability to have the Widow’s Bite attach to enemies or to turn Black Widow’s gauntlet into an electric powerhouse.
  • Veil of Shadows (Support Heroic) - Turn invisible by throwing down a short-range cloaking device that temporarily makes all team members in proximity invisible. Invisible players can’t be tracked and lose all aggro. Potential upgrades include increased damage or Critical Chance when invisible.
  • Power Surge (Ultimate Heroic) - Enter a specialized attack stance that deploys an energized baton staff for gracefully assaulting multiple enemies with special Light and Heavy attacks that deal Shock damage. Power Surge also provides a 15% reduction to incoming damage.

Captain America

Captain America is a brawler, who can act as an anchor for the team, utilizing his shield to block damage and taunt enemies. He can also use his shield offensively to target multiple enemies at once at a distance and can perform Takedowns with ease.

  • Shield Block (Intrinsic Ability) - Block incoming attacks, draining Shield Block energy variable to the amount of damage blocked. Pressing Heavy Attack while blocking releases Commander’s Call, a shockwave that can Taunt enemies and send them flying backwards.
  • Steamroller (Assault Heroic) - Target up to four enemies and throw the shield with incredible force, dealing significant damage as it ricochets between them. Potential upgrades are the ability to hold two charges of Steamroller or kicking back the shield to deal additional Heroic Attack Damage.
  • Rally Cry (Support Heroic) - Enemies in proximity and those attacked while Rally Cry is active are “marked.” Enemies marked by Rally Cry take additional damange from all sources. Potential upgrades include granting a Defensive Buff to all Strike Team members or increasing the time Rally Cry is up.
  • Brooklyn Brawler (Ultimate Heroic) - Unleash a powerful shield slam to the ground that refills Intrinsic energy and stops enemies in their tracks. After the shield slam, all damage and defensive strength is increased and a new Light Attack combo utilizing smaller shield throws is temporarily available. Potential upgrades include the ability to perform Takedowns on low-health enemies or performing Takedowns while Brooklyn Brawler is active increases the buff duration.


Clint Barton is a master archer and a master swordsman who has no trouble attacking enemies up close, but really excels when he uses his bow. With a plethora of arrow types for every situation, Hawkeye is perfect for players who prefer ranged damage – and lots of it. When in a pinch, he can also use Recovery Arrow to place down a healing field.

  • Archer’s Instinct (Intrinsic Ability) - Although initially a dodge ability, pressing different buttons after activating Hawkeye’s Intrinsic ability opens up the use of more arrows like Boomerang Arrow and Grapple Arrow.
  • Nightstorm Arrow (Assault Heroic) - Target a bombardment zone, then fire an arrow that rains down multiple explosive projectiles over the designated area. Potential upgrades are adding Status charges to the area like Shock, Cryo, and Plasma, which alter the visual effects by creating a thunderstorm, hailstorm, and fire tornado respectively.
  • Recovery Arrow (Support Heroic) - Fire an arrow that deploys nanobots over a local area which recovers Willpower for any Hero within range for a set period of time. Potential upgrades include granting an additional defensive barrier or increasing the time the healing field is active.
  • Hunter’s Arrow (Ultimate Heroic) - Fire an AI-driven smart arrow that seeks out targets and deals large amounts of damage as it pierces through them. The Hunter’s Arrow can hit targets up to 10 times before running out of energy. Potential upgrades include firing 2 Hunter’s Arrows at once or telling the arrow to prioritize the currently targeted enemy.


SMASH! Hulk’s job is to cause massive chaos throughout the battlefield with his multiple AoE attacks and ability to do a smashing amount of damage. Coupled with his ability to Rage, which heals him when he lands a blow, and the ability to throw rocks, he is a formidable tank that is unstoppable.

  • Rage (Intrinsic Ability) - Attacking enemies and receiving damage fuels an Intrinsic Rage meter. When activating Rage, defense is increased and all attacks inflict more damage while recovering a portion of your Willpower.
  • Stranglehold (Assault Heroic) - Dash forward and execute a powerful fist slam that launches nearby enemies into the air. Enemies hit while dashing will take considerable damage and be knocked away. Activating again will slam the ground immediately and end the move early. Potential upgrades include releasing a Gamma-radiated area that deals damage over time or dealing 200% more Stun damage.
  • Boneshaker (Support Heroic) - Unleash a terrifying roar that increases defense and taunts all nearby enemies, drawing their attention away from other targets. Potential upgrades include refilling either Willpower or Rage if enemies are defeated with Boneshaker or reducing damage dealt by enemies who have been taunted.
  • Thunderclap (Ultimate Heroic) - Hulk slams his hands together in a huge slap, sending out a shockwave that knocks away nearby enemies in the blast and deals significant damage. Potential upgrades include creating a Gamma-radiated area upon activation or increasing the distance the shockwave goes.

Iron Man

Tony Stark can dart through the air with incredible speed and utilizes his many weapons in various situations. Able to freely change his attacks from repulsors to lasers to rockets in a pinch while looking stylish, Iron Man is a favorite for players who want some explosive fun while managing his resources.

  • Supercharge Energy (Intrinsic Ability) - Iron Man can change what weapon he currently has equipped from repulsors, lasers, and rockets. Firing any of these off will deplete Supercharge Energy. If Iron Man is Overcharged, he can use these weapons an unlimited amount of time before the temporary buff is over.
  • Unibeam (Assault Heroic) - Unleash Tony’s iconic beam of torrential energy drawn directly from the central R.T. node. Activating the ability only uses a portion of Assault Heroic energy while holding it down extends the duration of the blast at the cost of more energy. Potential upgrades include the ability to add repulsor beams for extra damage or the potential to Overcharge your Intrinsic meter.
  • Arc Overload (Support Heroic) - Overload the Arc Reactor, emitting a massive pulse of electrical energy that instantly shocks nearby enemies and triggers Overcharge. While Overcharged, Intrinsic energy is continuously filled, all Ranged Attack damage is increased, and attack speed is also enhanced. Potential upgrades include the ability to revive nearby teammates or generating a bubble that blocks incoming damage.
  • Hulkbuster (Ultimate Heroic) - Summon and equip the Hulkbuster. While inside the Hulkbuster, damage is absorbed by the armor. Taking damage or attacking will decrease the time the Hulkbuster remains active. A whole new slew of attacks is unlocked while using the Hulkbuster for maximum fun. Iron Man can also allow other Strike Team members to get in the Hulkbuster. Potential upgrades include opening up more attacks like Hulkbuster Unibeam, Disruption Pulse, and Magno-Missile Barrage. Try them out to see what they are!

Kate Bishop

As Hawkeye’s protégé, Kate learned a lot from Clint, but she has her own set of skills that highlight her equally impressive bow and sword skills. Kate also was able to steal and repurpose some of AIM’s technology, which she has incorporated into her moveset for teleporting shenanigans that will take enemies by surprise.

  • Quantum Reactor (Intrinsic Ability) - A portable device that gathers, amplifies, and stores Intrinsic Quantum energy for various moves. Kate can teleport over to an enemy for increased sword damage, parry enemy attacks and teleport behind them, or use Quantum Reactor to teleport short distances across the map.
  • Warp Arrow (Assault Heroic) - Aim and release to fire an arrow that teleports Kate to the point of impact. Teleporting to the arrow creates a quantum explosion that deals damage to all nearby enemies, launching them into the air. Potential upgrades include the ability to remove the teleport effect for a gravity well that pulls in nearby enemies or Wormhole, which your Strike Team members can use to teleport between locations.
  • Decoy (Support Heroic) - Throw a miniature hologram projector that diverts attention away from Heroes. Potential upgrades include the Decoy dropping Regen orbs or causing it to self-destruct.
  • Quantum Overdrive (Ultimate Heroic) - Overcharge the Intrinsic meter with Quantum Energy that overflows to power up all Ranged and Melee attacks. Potential upgrades include giving Kate’s sword the ability to send out energy projectiles or creating energy explosions when she teleports.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan has the ability to Polymorph, able to stretch and embiggen her body in creative ways to take down enemies within striking distance. She excels at fighting hordes of enemies around her, but can also grab single enemies to deal decent damage. Finally, Ms. Marvel is an expert healer who can save a team from certain defeat.

  • Polymorph (Intrinsic Ability) - Bend and twist out of the way of basic attacks. Morph in size and strength by holding the activation button. While morphed, attacks inflict increased damage and impact. Hold down Light Attack while Polymorph is active to activate Whirlwind to hit all nearby enemies in a sweeping spin motion.
  • High Five (Assault Heroic) - Activate to smash foes with a giant palm strike and stun nearby enemies. Potential upgrades include adding a large explosion upon impact or the ability to pin enemies.
  • Healing Spirit (Support Heroic) - Send a radial shockwave of energy that instantly restores Willpower and staggers nearby enemies. Teammate Willpower is also partially restored. Potential upgrades include being able to revive yourself when already downed or granting 100% Intrinsic energy as well as Willpower.
  • Embiggen (Ultimate Heroic) - Grow incredible in size with significantly increased damage and impact. Potential upgrades include the ability to draw aggro from enemies in this form or the ability to extend the duration of Embiggen.


Bring the thunder with the god of thunder, Thor! Excelling at AoE (area of effect) attacks and applying Shock damage, Thor can fly through the skies to rain down chaos from above. He can throw Mjolnir at enemies to pin them while fighting barehanded and seamlessly call Mjolnir back to his hand. Utilizing Mjolnir’s intricacies and pure destructive power is key when it comes to using Thor.

  • Odinforce (Intrinsic Ability) - Activate Odinforce, a divine power that harnesses lightning to Counter incoming attacks but drains Intrinsic Odinforce energy. While Odinforce is active, boost the strength of all melee attacks with an electrical charge that applies Shock damage to targets and interrupts enemy attacks.
  • God Blast (Assault Heroic) - Summon a harrowing whirlwind that lifts nearby enemies into the air before blasting them with a power bolt of god-powered light that inflicts Shock damage. Potential upgrades include the ability to apply Cryo damage or to store up to three shorter charges of God Blast.
  • Warrior’s Fury (Support Heroic) - Channel the power of the gods, super-charging the Odinforce ability beyond its normal limits. Automatically arcs electricity out to nearby enemies, imbues all attacks with lightning, and grants a period of invulnerability for all nearby team members when activated. Potential upgrades include granting a temporary damage boost to nearby teammates or granting Willpower over a period of time.
  • Bifrost (Ultimate Heroic) - Travel to another realm before returning in a devastating torrent of energy from the heavens. Use the left stick after departure to pinpoint the impact destination. Potential upgrades include leaving the impact area charged with Cryo or Plasma, or the ability to restore Willpower to yourself and teammates.